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Regina Padilla

 "It's only through facing our Darkness, that we truly See the power of Our Own Light"


Aloha, I'm  Regina,

I believe that we age the most when we stop playing. Whether it's dancing, coloring in your favorite coloring book, reading under your favorite tree, a hike high into the mountains or a swim in the ocean, the expression of your own playfulness is completely up to you.


Yoga is a lifestyle and my passion both on and off the mat. Everyday I strive to become a better version of myself and allow myself the freedom to reinvent myself constantly expanding my knowledge and experiences. Through my practice and personal growth I hope to inspire people to live their best life and challenge them to believe + transform into the best possible version of themselves.

I love movement of all types! I also love challenges and trying new things, and this shows in my classes. They are FUN, CREATIVE and STRONG. I love creative transitions and holding space for my students to find their own rhythm. My classes are designed to inspire challenge, build strength, flexibility and balance. All levels of practitioners are welcome!

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