In the Moment


Regina Padilla

 "It's only through facing our Darkness, that we truly See the power of Our Own Light"


Is a yoga instructor, nature lover, artist and entrepreneur, born and raised in Hawaii. Growing up on Maui has given her a deep connection to nature and a playful, earthy attitude. She LOVES to travel and explore new places, making new memories and friends. Some of her favorite things are - yoga, being in nature, sunrises & sunsets, flowers and crafting. She firmly believes that life should be LIVED to its FULLEST every moment.

Through connection, movement, meditation, creativity and hard work Regina is committed to becoming the best version of herself. Sharing her LIGHT with everyone she meets, helping others to find their own light and share it with the world.

Her classes are FUN, CREATIVE and STRONG. She holds space for each of her students to journey deep into their center and discover their TRUE potential. All levels of practitioners are welcome.