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Letting Go For Yourself

Aloha beautiful,

This is a piece of my heart on my journey through Bali. Take what you can and all I hope is that it gives you as much clarity as it has given me.

Please read with an open mind and heart.


Letting go is never easy, yet it is a large part of life. Learning to let things go can be our greatest ally and our greatest challenge all at the same time.

But what of learning to hold on.. I believe they are both very important lessons to learn. The real lesson comes in learning to tell the difference between what stunts your growth as a unique soul, and what supports your growth on your life path in this physical journey. The true lesson lies in what they teach you, that is the key.

Learning to let go of things that do not serve you is just as important as recognizing the things that make you a better person and holding on to them. Realizing that something or someone doesn't serve a positive purpose in your life right now, does not make It or them bad nor does it make it easier to let go. Letting go of anything can be hard when you'r attached to it in any way, and being human, we tend to get attached to things we find familiarity and comfort in. In fact it can be nearly impossible to walk away from these things and not waste our time, money, energy or life.

I recently left everything I know to be comfortable for 4 months of travel to Indonesia. A place I have never been to and do not speak the language. I can truly say it is not easy, but I know in my heart this kind of trip is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. So I asked the universe for guidance and ended up booking a one way ticket. This decision continues to be one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life, but knowing in my soul I needed to take this leap has shown me just how dependent I was on my family. Learning to let go of convenience and adventure out of my comfort zone is one of the greatest lessons I am committed to giving myself. It truly gives you the space needed to flourish into your true self and let go of what has been holding you back.

Letting go has taught me A LOT and I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. We cannot control everything and we shouldn't want to. Instead, learn to appreciate the differences and if it doesn't vibe with you then WALK THE FUCK AWAY. Never let anger or fear control you. Never allow your darkness to control your actions or words. Be light, live light and spread compassion. We are all the same at the root. We are all made of light, dark, bone, skin and blood. We all hurt, we all struggle and we all have our DIFFERENCES. The beauty of this life is learning to co-exist on this planet and to understand each other on a deeper level. This goes for all living things!

No you will not get along with everyone and you may never want to see some people ever again, and thats okay. You will also find souls who are so aligned with your own being that it's almost like they were always there to begin with.

I look back on previous relationships and honestly I catch myself mid thought "What the fuck were you thinking?!" then I laugh and I send gratitude for the lessons they taught me and for the parts of myself they brought to the surface, both good and bad. These are our journeys and they are unfolding exactly they way they are destined to unfold. So stop fighting it, stop holding yourself back, embrace the unknown and know that what leaves was never meant to stay and what stays was always meant to find you.

So the next time you are presented with hurt, confusion or any kind of discomfort - allow yourself to step back and look at the bigger picture. Take time for yourself, meditate, do art, write or just go on a walk in nature. Reflect on what is happening in your own heart and what you need to heal yourself. It's okay to listen to yourself, to make decisions for yourself and to even cry as emotions boil to the surface, LET THAT SHIT OUT! Then make a plan to create POSITIVE change in YOUR life for your own happiness and stick to it. It's okay if the plan doesn't go as planned, it's called LIFE and it almost never gives you exactly what you want or how you imagined it. It will give you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BREATH - and go with the flow!

If you got this far, Mahalo for reading to the end I truly appreciate it.

love and light always.