Aloha Everyone!

Welcome to the stories of my journey through this human experience.

Life, Love, and Living from Sunrise to Sunset and all the little Gems in between.


Letting Go For Yourself

Aloha beautiful, This is a piece of my heart on my journey through Bali. Take what you can and all I hope is that it gives you as much clarity as it has given me. Please read with an open mind and heart. LETTING GO AND ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BLOSSOM! Letting go is never easy, yet it is a large part of life. Learning to let things go can be our greatest ally and our greatest challenge all at the same time. But what of learning to hold on.. I believe they are both very important lessons to learn. The real lesson comes in learning to tell the difference between what stunts your growth as a unique soul, and what supports your growth on your life path in this physical journey. The true lesson lies